Step into the cutting-edge realm of Wi-Fi in Essex, where seamless connectivity seamlessly intersects with innovation. As technology continues to advance, our Wi-Fi solutions redefine how you connect, work, and communicate. From high-speed installations to meticulously tailored network solutions, we’re here to elevate your digital experience in Essex. Immerse yourself in the power of reliable, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern connected lifestyle.

Wi-Fi Access Points

As Wi-Fi usage proliferates, it can adversely impact the strength of your connection through the router. This doesn’t necessarily indicate slow broadband; rather, it points to a weak or sluggish Wi-Fi connection to the router. While wireless repeaters offer a temporary fix, they merely mask the low signal. Optimal resolution involves installing an additional Wi-Fi router in the area with a weaker signal. This entails running a data cable or cat5e cable from the main router to the new Wi-Fi router, ensuring a more robust and reliable connection.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Make installation easy! You can mount a Wi-Fi Access Point with PoE anywhere, even without ready access to a power plug

Wi-Fi Queries


Much like a mobile phone on the move, roaming allows a device to quickly connect from one Wi-Fi Access Point to the next without disconnecting. This makes a Roaming AP ideal for VoIP.

Wi-Fi installation


Ideal for securely connecting multiple buildings together wirelessly without the need of cables.

Link buildings with internet

Controller Based

Controller based Access Points are ideal for larger deployments as they offer centralised management, configuration, encryption, updates and policy settings through a centralised WLAN controller

Managed Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Essex

As High Speed Fibre Optic Broadband, and the advancement of Fibre to the Property (FTTP) become integral to our homes and offices, sharing Wi-Fi Internet access across various devices becomes essential. Introducing and expanding High-Speed Fibre Optic Broadband, especially Fibre to the Property (FTTP), may prompt the need to share your Wi-Fi Internet access with different computers or devices. Fear not, as we provide and install small or large, Fully Guaranteed and Commissioned Wi-Fi Systems. These systems seamlessly connect your PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones, and Smart TVs to your Wireless Network, facilitating simultaneous use of your super-fast Wi-Fi connection anywhere in your Home, Garden, Office, or Building. Trust us to ensure a smooth and reliable Wi-Fi experience across all your devices in any corner of your space.

Embark on a seamless connectivity journey with our specialized Wi-Fi Essex Installation team. Our expert Wi-Fi engineers address a spectrum of issues, from poor signal areas to Extended Wi-Fi Coverage and Wi-Fi Installation Upgrades. We cater to locations and areas in your home that lack a strong Wi-Fi signal. Offering a comprehensive range of professional Wi-Fi services, including Wi-Fi Coverage Solutions and Wi-Fi Installation, tailored for both home users and small businesses. Trust us to enhance your Wi-Fi experience and ensure optimal connectivity throughout your space.

Eliminate buffering issues with our expert-installed WIFI in Brentwood, Essex. Enhance your signal strength for seamless connectivity

Wi-Fi Tip

Wireless communication has recently experienced a significant advancement with the introduction of the new 802.11ax standard, surpassing the previous 802.11ac standard and promising a speed boost of four times or more. In conjunction with this latest standard, the Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Wi-Fi technology and certifying products for adherence to specific interoperability standards, has simplified the naming convention for consumer clarity. Welcome the arrival of Wi-Fi 6!

In this streamlined approach, previous standards have also undergone a name change; 802.11ac is now referred to as Wi-Fi 5, and 802.11n is designated as Wi-Fi 4.

It is worth noting that the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, responsible for the 802.11 scheme) has not formally adopted these new terms.


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