VoIP Telephones

As the scheduled switch-off of traditional copper phone lines approaches in 2025. Consider migrating to a future-proof VoIP telephones system for continued seamless communication.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), or IP phone systems, offer numerous advantages over traditional PBX systems. Embracing a cloud-hosted infrastructure instead of traditional on-site systems, our service provides a comprehensive suite of fixed and mobile telephony features accessible through an intuitive web portal. This approach empowers administrators to seamlessly manage the entire environment, allowing for greater flexibility and control. Employees, in turn, benefit from an optimized work experience, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency within the organization.”

Opt for VoIP with Plugged in Comms for a transformative communication experience. Beyond installation, our commitment extends to continuous support and optimization. As technology evolves, so does your communication system. Remaining at the forefront of VoIP advancements, we consistently provide updates and enhancements to keep your business communication ahead of the curve.

Tailored VoIP telephones Solutions:

Collaborative Customization for Efficiency, Affordability, and Scalability

Our seasoned technicians, well-versed in VoIP intricacies, collaborate closely with you to design a customized system aligned with your specific requirements. Prioritizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, we ensure your business stays connected without breaking the bank. Choose Plugged in Comms for a seamless integration of cutting-edge VoIP technology into your business communication strategy.


VoIP facilitates flexible work arrangements, allowing seamless communication and collaboration regardless of location for enhanced productivity and connectivity

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VoIP ensures one consistent contact number, enabling seamless communication from any location, enhancing accessibility and convenience for users.

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Cheaper calls

VoIP offers reduced call costs, providing cost-effective communication solutions for businesses and individuals, contributing to financial savings and efficiency.

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VoIP offers an array of comprehensive call features, enhancing communication with functionalities like call forwarding, voicemail, and conferencing for increased efficiency.

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Boosting business efficiency, VoIP Phone Systems facilitate flexible work environments, incorporating hot-desking, home working, and seamless integration with mobile devices. Ensure you never miss calls by effortlessly integrating fixed and mobile capabilities, with seamless call transition and unified voicemail accessibility enhancing communication efficiency.

Experience cost savings with VoIP, using the internet for free site-to-site calls and affordable rates for national, international, and mobile destinations. Take control of your phone system through VoIP, accessing various call handling tools via an easy-to-use web interface.

Virtual numbers

VoIP revolutionizes communication by providing users with one consistent contact number, ensuring seamless connectivity from any location. This feature enhances accessibility and convenience, allowing individuals to stay connected effortlessly regardless of their geographical whereabouts. With VoIP, the traditional constraints of being tied to a specific physical location are eliminated, offering a more flexible and streamlined communication experience for users.

A VoIP Phone System seamlessly integrates with various devices, providing versatile options. Our selection includes handsets spanning entry-level for low to moderate call volumes, all the way to premium business media phones that elevate desktop productivity for corporate executives and managers. Moreover, we provide user-friendly PC or MAC softphones, along with Android and iPhone mobile apps.

In summary, choosing our VoIP Telephones not only ensures advanced communication capabilities but also a seamless installation process. Our experienced team simplifies the transition to VoIP, ensuring you effortlessly enjoy benefits such as enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and full control over your communication system. Elevate your business communication effortlessly with our user-friendly and expertly installed VoIP Telephones.

Inclusive Calls

Our VOIP phones’ monthly line rental covers calls to UK Landlines (Local and National), UK Mobile Phones, and Freephone numbers. A generous allowance of 2000 UK landline or mobile minutes per handset per month. In addition, unlimited free calls between sites are included.


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