Introducing Cisco 8800 series IP phones

Introducing Cisco 8800 series IP phones

Representing an advanced endpoint portfolio, the Cisco IP phone 8800 series offers ease of use alongside superior performance, and presents the best audio Cisco has ever delivered, with wideband (G.722) audio supported across the range, and higher echo cancellation performance on some hardware-enhanced models. In addition, vibration isolation of the hardware has been applied to both speakers and microphones, resulting in higher-quality communications.

The 8800 series addresses the needs of knowledge workers, managers, executives, teleworkers, and customer care staff. Speciality deployments are supported for audio conference rooms and in-campus mobile workers in rigorous work environments, while speciality models include an IP conference phone for executive offices and mid-to-large sized conference rooms.

With the 8800 series IP phones, businesses can benefit from cost-effective, reliable, secure, and scalable high-definition voice over IP (VoIP) communications. On select models, you can also get:

  • Affordable entry to 720p high-definition (HD) video communications, to video-enable your entire organisation.
  • Telephony feature integration support with Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity, for Mobile Voice when using personal mobile devices.
  • In-campus mobile communications within wireless LAN (WLAN) networks, for workers in more rigorous, industrialised work settings.
  • High-performance audio conferencing for small-to-large conference rooms up to 1140 square feet (106 square meters), and with up to 42 participants in the room.
  • Escalate Cisco Spark member exchanges, within Spark virtual team rooms, to Spark voice or video calls.
  • Choice of two user experience modes for call handling and navigation (IT configured).

Cisco brings the worlds of desktop and mobile closer together to support the requirements of your business. The majority of the 8800 series enables import of both contacts and call history from a mobile device, and users have the ability to move the audio path of active voice and video calls to certain desk phones, to enjoy the superior acoustic properties they can deliver. The audio path of an active video or voice call can even be moved back to a mobile device if you need to step away from your desk. Both Android and Apple (iOS) mobile devices are supported.

The 8800 series desktop models offer users the choice of two experience modes for call handling and navigation based on user preference. Configured by IT, the mode can’t be intermixed on a given phone, however, one mode can be exchanged for another based on a user’s comfort and needs.

Session Line Mode (SLM) ships with the 8800 series as standard, and offers users five programmable line/feature keys to the left of the display and five session keys to the right of the display. These session keys provide visual status of each call on each line (e.g. active, on-hold etc.), and since SLM is supported with the Cisco 8900 and 9900 series, it makes for an easier transition to the 8800 series.

Enhanced Line Mode (ELM) is a new mode available with phone OS 11.5 and later software, and delivers up to ten programmable line/feature keys; the five session keys to the right of the display in SLM become programmable line/feature keys in ELM.

The 8800 series enables you to easily and securely connect to the Cisco network even when you are working remotely; Cisco Expressway, which resides at the edge of your network, enables you to connect teleworkers without the need for dedicated VPN hardware or a VPN client. With Cisco Expressway, you can be up and running quickly while reducing IT administration costs.

User features common to the majority of the 8800 series are as follows:

  • 5-to-10 lines with two user selectable experience options for added flexibility in call management.
  • More intuitive, easier-to-use phones with the highest-resolution, backlit, graphical widescreen VGA, 800 x 480 pixel displays (greyscale or colour is model-dependent).
  • Increased productivity with easier navigation of menus and call-transaction status using the 5-way navigation cluster and 4 context-sensitive soft-label keys (most models).
  • Enhanced tactile feel and reduced errant dialling with rounded ergonomic fixed keys.
  • Fixed keys for commonly used functions including messaging, directory, services, transfer, conference, mute, headset, speakerphone, hold, and release.
  • Replaceable silver bezel option for the black bezel that comes standard (desk phone models only).
  • Escalation of Cisco Spark member exchanges, within Spark virtual team rooms, to Spark voice or video calls as work requires.

IT features include:

  • Flexible deployment options with support from Cisco communication servers, whether on-premises or in the cloud with Cisco Spark, and third-party Cisco pre-approved Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) call-control platforms.
  • Support for 802.3af/at PoE to reduce installation and infrastructure costs by eliminating or reducing the need for local power supplies.
  • Gigabit Ethernet-integrated switches on all desk phone models to reduce IT administration and cabling costs at the desk while efficiently and effectively processing the traffic from a co-located multimedia PC.
  • Integrated VPN client to help keep conversations private and support for Cisco Expressway enabling ‘VPN-less’ client connectivity to the network for remote workers.
  • Reduced energy costs and carbon footprint in off-work hours with support from Cisco EnergyWise technology.
  • SIP for greater interoperability and flexibility.
  • Optional wall-mount kit to deploy in more space-constrained environments (most models).
  • Support for the latest security enhancements, such as Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS) and Secure Hash Algorithm-2 (SHA-2) for encrypted communications.

Cisco has an IP phone for your every organisational need; from the lobby to the executive suite, from the start-up to the well-established enterprise, and for every deployment model including on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid configuration of the two.

If you would like to know more about the Cisco IP 8800 series phones and how they could help your business, please give one of our experts a call on the number below.

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