Which WD colour drives you?

Discover how storage optimised to deliver the right combination of speed, capacity and endurance can change the way you work and play. From high-capacity, workhorse HDDs to efficient and speedy SATA or NVMe™ SSDs, Western Digital Colour Drives let you find a purpose-built device that’s perfect for your project, profession or passion. Want the full facts at your fingertips here and now? Click to compare all the stats.

The Editor

When it comes to photo & video editing, your work demands fast access to your digital data. WD Red drives let you manipulate files with ease and give you the peace of mind that your hard work is backed up, so you can focus on what truly matters: your passion and livelihood. We recommend WD Red drives particularly for use in Network Attached Storage devices. They come in three flavours: Red for home users; Red Plus for small businesses; and Red Pro for the really heavy workload demands of big business. Compare them all here.

The Business Owner

Your staff and customers are at the heart of your business, so keeping their sensitive and personal data safe is of the utmost importance. With workload handling capability of 550TB per year, reliability of up to 2.5M-hour MTBF, and backed by a 5-year limited warranty, these hard drives offer a highly dependable, no-compromise enterprise storage solution to customers and reunite them with their trusted WD Gold product line. Read more here about how WD Gold is geared up for enterprise-level workloads.

The Guardian

Your customers demand the best, and that’s why you choose WD Purple, storage purpose-built for smart video recording. The ability to store and analyse data from camera to cloud quickly lets your customers operate more efficiently, saving time and money and simplifying their world—and yours. WD Purple Surveillance Storage is built for 24/7, always-on, high-definition surveillance security systems. Unlike standard storage drives they are built to work with high-temperature fluctuations and equipment vibrations found in typical surveillance applications. We bundle these drives with Network Video Recorders – see the full range of drives here.

The Creator

More than just producing mind-blowing visuals, your job is to create something that’s never been seen before. WD Blue drives deliver rock-solid performance and ultracool & quiet operation, making them perfect for family and business computing. They’re built with the tried and tested technology of the original award-winning WD 3.5-inch hard drives for desktop computers. Hence, we recommend them for use in your PC – see the range here.

The Gamer

Video games aren’t just your hobby. They’re a way for you to leave reality behind as you explore fantastic worlds, test yourself against others and meet new people. With the speed and performance of WD_BLACK at your side, your options are limitless. Available with impressive amounts of cache, these drives are optimised for performance, so you can spend more time experiencing the things you love the most. Enhance your PC’s performance even further when you combine a WD Blue drive with an SSD. Your destination—anywhere, starts here!

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