How to offer guest WiFi access on a dinner cruise

Dinner cruises are the perfect way to enjoy yourself whilst taking in the scenery around you, making the evening more enjoyable, something different from the usual stationary dining. You may be a business who offers such opportunities. With your guests, you notice that they are taking snaps of the stunning views, or browsing the Internet and updating their friends on social media of what they’re up to. With that, comes a demand for facilities such as WiFi.

On average, 66% of adults own a mobile phone and with 61% of them* using it for Internet access. Due to location, it’s not always probable to get 3G/4G Internet access. You and your guests may be struggling to even get a signal. Offering guest WiFi access is a possible solution to such a problem.

Need for WiFi

You recognise that your guests are in need for reliable, consistent Internet connectivity. We want to help you get abreast of the situation so that your dinner cruise remains the most appealing on the river. Imagine being able to provide WiFi to enable guests to:

  • Access social media, uploading their snaps from the dining experience;
  • Record bands performing and upload them to your website for all to see;
  • Play the latest hits from the cruise’s sound system, via your laptop/tablet/smartphones;
  • Stay connected to the office during a business meal;
  • Access the Internet from different decks of the ship.

So let’s assume that you have a cruise ship with two decks, with each one holding around 15 tables and a stage for bands to perform on. Your business is thriving and having WiFi will clearly help make the guests dining experience much more fun and engaging, and your venue more popular.

So how do you go about providing WiFi to where it’s needed aboard the cruise?

Designed for any environment

Ideal for this scenario is the TP-LINK Auranet range of access points including the EAP330, 320, 220, 120 and 110. They provide WiFi connectivity to different areas of the cruise ship where you choose to mount them. They simply connect back to a switch which in turn connects to your 4G router. Not only this, but you can manage the access points, all from a single location.

Dual-band access

After your guests have devoured their impressive three course meal, the Jazz band come aboard and begin to perform. Capturing those moments is a must. With the Auranet access points in place, everyone can access the WiFi, regardless of the radio frequency their devices use. The Auranet EAP330, 320 and 220 access points shown below are capable of such and all three have dual-band functionality. This fundamentally means that the access points can offer Internet connectivity to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices, no matter whether they use the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio frequency.

Controlled access

When serving up Internet connectivity to guests, you might be worried at how the Internet is used by your guests. You might just want to limit the use of the Internet for a certain amount of time. This is made possible with Auranets EAP controller software. There is no need for investment in expensive hardware. With the Auranet software, you can control access to the Internet by designing a unique authentication page known as Captive Portal. With this you can create a voucher system to limit the duration for each guest. This makes life much simpler.

In summary

The TP-LINK Auranet range of access points are ideal for cruise ships of all sizes where wireless networking is an integral part of day-to-day operations. If you want to find out more and talk to us about tailoring a solution to the needs of your cruise ship, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts on the number below!

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