Is 5GHz is always better than 2.4GHz ?

Using 5GHz can improve your WiFi signal, but it’s not always applicable or the better option. Using 5GHz is great for local transfer speeds, and provides both reduced network congestion and faster throughput in certain scenarios. However, the shorter radio waves mean less range than with 2.4Ghz. A 5GHz signal also won’t penetrate through walls, whereas a 2.4GHz signal can (depending on wall composition).

In addition, the 2.4GHz band works better than it has in the past because of band-steering making it less congested. Most routers and access points are now dual-band or even tri-band, which means your devices can utilise the best band available. If you’re still using a single band router, it might be time for an upgrade! If you need any help with choosing the right router, please call one of our experts on the number below.

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