WiFi Boosters

Have you just had fibre broadband installed? Virgin, Gigaclear, Sky, BT and other fibre broadband providers can offer great download speeds when you’re plugged in. But what about the WiFi? If you’re finding that your WiFi doesn’t reach every room in your house, garden or home office you may have paid for WiFi boosters, WiFi extenders, or WiFi repeaters. Well it’s crunch time because the kids are home from school and the lag on Fortnite or Minecraft is driving them, and you, crazy. If your DIY solutions isn’t working, don’t worry because we can help! Our high-end Smart Wifi technology gives you a more powerful WiFi performance. It reaches the parts of your home that the broadband router cannot, even with plug in boosters.

WiFi Boosters

Do you need WiFi in the garden? Wouldn’t it be nice to have Alexa or Sonos playing seamlessly in the garden without losing connection. With the simple installation of an external WiFi booster this is achievable.

Wherever you want, your family can be online, all at the same time with no interruptions. Listen to Spotify, play Fortnite, order Deliveroo, watch Netflix, or seamlessly join conference calls from home.

We will survey your property and design your WiFi Network for you. This will ensure you have the right coverage you need for your entire household, even in the garden. We can set up your system to give maximum WiFi coverage, securely within your own home network. And because we’ll configure your WiFi system independently to your router, every time you change broadband suppliers there’s no need to change the WiFi password on all of your devices.

Will WiFi boosters give your home the WiFi it deserves?

Our WiFi boosters are called Wireless Access Points and are individually hard-wired directly to your broadband router to ensure no loss of broadband speed. Your mobile devices can seamlessly roam between each Access Point as you move across your house. This will give you continuous, uninterrupted WiFi coverage throughout your home.

WiFi Boosters

Our WiFi boosters are designed to meet every network need in environments with numerous separated rooms, like hotels, offices, and dormitories. So they’ll work perfectly in each room of your home to ensure an exclusive, high-speed WiFi connection for every user.

Wireless Access Points can be the same size and shape as a light switch or power socket. This allows them to fit perfectly and discretely into any room.

Our installations are also modular which means you can add additional WiFi access points to your network whenever you need to. For example, if you add a garden room, home office, or garage conversion. Or perhaps your new electric vehicle needs a connection to the internet. You can expand your WiFi as required, at any time, with the minimum of fuss.

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