Keeping watch over horses, foals and other young livestock with Hikvision

Keeping watch over horses, foals and other young livestock with Hikvision

Anyone who breeds horses knows that the first few days, and even weeks, of a young foal’s life are critical with regard to health and development, and a lot of problems at this stage can affect its well-being in the future.

Obviously, a mare will look after her young until weaning at around 6 months, and nothing replaces proper veterinary attention if any issues do occur. However, even with essential care in place, it can still be difficult to keep watch over your foals, so it might be a good idea to consider extra options.

Hikvision IP cameras are a perfect addition to any other set-up you have, and will provide superlative surveillance of your stables and paddocks

Hikvision excellence

The cameras come in several form factors, depending on your requirements; dome, turret, and bullet, and use a number of technologies for excellent footage capture, both indoors and out. A wide range of models is available, boasting resolutions up to 12 megapixels (4000 x 3072) and a variety of lenses depending on whether you need to monitor a large area in its entirety or a specific area in more detail.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) cameras are available too, working an automated sweep pattern, or allowing you to take manual control, while some models have fisheye lenses providing a single 360 degree panoramic view from a ceiling or wall mount location.

A light touch

The time of day, and whether doors are open or closed, makes a big difference to lighting conditions inside a stable or barn and this can have a huge impact on conventional cameras and their ability to capture a good image. Bright daylight can wash out an image, creating silhouettes of your animals and preventing you from seeing details, which in turn might make it difficult to tell if a foal is in distress.

To combat this, Hikvision IP cameras have WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) which means that a combination of exposures is used; signal in shadows from one image with signal from highlights in another, creating a better final shot. As you’d expect, the results are excellent.

Seeing in the dark

Conversely, in situations where low light would ordinarily cause issues, Hikvision IP cameras work their magic again by using DNR (Digital Noise Reduction). This is where noisy images, caused by not enough light hitting a camera sensor, are cleaned up. As with WDR, the results are excellent, and provide superior video imagery compared to standard cameras. This is improved even further by Hikvision’s enhanced IR (Infrared) night vision called EXIR, available on some models.

Using a rectangular-shaped lens, EXIR is an advanced thin-film wafer light-emitting technology, which provides an up-to 30% increase in efficiency over traditional LED arrays.

In addition, the rectangular LED lens produces a better, more uniform, distribution of light, which results in a captured image that’s very even, with no dark corners or over-bright spots. Coupled with excellent heat dissipation, a longer lifespan, and greater energy savings, EXIR technology makes a huge difference to IP surveillance camera installations, and the quality of low light recordings.

What all of this means is better, cleaner video.

Detection and tracking

Hikvision IP cameras feature utilities such as object tracking, line crossing, and intrusion detection, to name but a few, with the ability to trigger alerts, which can be sent directly to your mobile device. For example, you could set up a camera to warn you if animals cross a line, or a specific predetermined region. And, of course, the same methods could be used to warn you if people enter a certain area, preventing potential thefts. Perfect for keeping your foals safe, whether they’re inside a stable, or outside in a field.

Most Hikvision cameras are PoE (Power over Ethernet) too. This means that power and data is supplied over an single Ethernet cable, making installation much easier because they don’t have to be located next to a plug socket.

If you want to know more about Hikvision IP cameras and how they can help you keep an eye on your foals, or other young livestock, please get in touch with one of our experts on the the number below.

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