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WiFi Access Points

Due to a lot of people using wifi nowadays this can limit the strength of your wifi through your router.

This doesn’t mean your broadband is slow it just means your wifi connection to your router is poor or slow.

You can use wireless repeaters to help solve this problem but this option doesn’t solve the problem this just masks over the low signal.

The best solution is to have another wifi router installed to the area of the house that has the weaker signal.

This is achieved by installing a data cable or cat5e cable run from the main router to new wifi router.

Power over Ethernet (PoE): Make installation easy! You can mount a WiFi Access Point with PoE anywhere, even without ready access to a power plug
Bridging: Ideal for securely connecting multiple buildings together wirelessly without the need of cables.
Roaming: Much like a mobile phone on the move, roaming allows a device to quickly connect from one WiFi Access Point to the next without disconnecting. This makes a Roaming AP ideal for VoIP.
Controller Based: Controller based Access Points are ideal for larger deployments as they offer centralised management, configuration, encryption, updates and policy settings through a centralised WLAN controller

With the introduction and expansion of High Speed Fibre Optic Broadband and now Fibre to the Property FTTP in our homes and offices, you may find you need to share your WiFi Internet access with different computers or devices. We supply and install small or large Fully Guaranteed and Commissioned WiFi Systems that will connect your PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones and Smart TV's to your Wireless Network allowing you simultaneous use of your super fast WiFi connection anywhere in your Home, Garden, Office or Building.

Our WiFi Installation team are WiFi specialist engineers and can help with any WiFi issues you may have including poor WiFi signal areas, Extended WiFi Coverage or WiFi Installation Upgrades in locations and parts of your home that do not receive a good WiFi signal. Providing a full range of professional WiFi Services, WiFi Coverage Solutions and WiFi Installation for the Home user or Small Business.

In a home or office network, a WiFi Access Point is a network device that connects wireless devices together to form a wireless network. The WiFi Access Points let you connect wireless enabled devices to your wired network so you can add PCs to the network with no cabling hassle.

Wireless communication has taken a fairly big step recently with the introduction of a new standard called 802.11ax, which supersedes 802.11ac and promises x4 (and above) speed boosts. Alongside this new standard, the WiFi Alliance – a non-profit organisation that promotes WiFi technology, and certifies WiFi products for conformity to certain standards of interoperability – has also made it easier for consumers to understand, by simplifying the naming convention. Say hello to WiFi 6!

Previous standards have also been renamed; 802.11ac is now called WiFi 5, and 802.11n takes on the name WiFi 4.

It must be noted that the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which came up with the 802.11 scheme) hasn’t adopted the new terms – but no matter, most of us aren’t electrical engineers, and the institute of Darren Goldsmith really likes simple naming conventions, so frankly it’s a win-win.