Services Description

We provide a wide range of CCTV systems to suit residential or commercial properties of any scale.

The CCTV design process starts with a free on site survey where we assess the type of installation necessary to your premises. We work with our customers to ensure our systems meet your needs and budget.

Integrated smartphone and tablet technology enables: Remote playback wherever you are – Compatible with Android and iOS devices – Capture live recordings direct to your Phone or tablet

24/7 Surveillance : Our bespoke CCTV systems guarantee you complete peace of mind with non-stop recording of your property.

Why is CCTV so beneficial? : If you had to choose between two properties to try and access without anyone knowing about it, chances are you’d pick the one that didn’t have CCTV cameras monitoring the doors and windows.
View CCTV footage anytime of the day or night : For complete versatility and coverage, our CCTV cameras provide footage you can see day and night – no matter how dark it gets.

Integrated bespoke commercial CCTV security systems
We use leading-edge surveillance cameras and equipment when installing CCTV security systems for businesses. We also tailor your security system to suit your needs. We will carry out a free initial survey of your premises to analyse factors such as

Weak spots an intruder might take advantage of
The proximity of neighbours and residents (including advising on a CCTV privacy impact assessment)
Operational requirements such as light levels.
We then design and install a bespoke surveillance system ideally suited to your environment. You can monitor our high-quality camera images from anywhere in the world with our mobile CCTV system, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Talk to us about any enquiry from CCTV regulations to CCTV installation. We can provide guidance on helping to design, install and maintain your system regardless of size or complexity. We have clients with one camera and clients with 100+ cameras and everything in between